Vision Training

     Whether customers call from New Delhi, Chennai, or New York - multi-lingual customer service agents need to respond immediately.

     Call Center Varsity provides a complete solution that incorporates:      

     Training Procedures
     Recruitment and Retention of Staff

Training Procedures

     We will create a program to your established set of standards, procedures and approaches to business.

     All customised training materials reflect your specific culture and are therefore an excellent vehicle to effectively train our personnel.

     Our approach to training is two-tier:

     Firstly, an intensive induction course carried out either off-site with the customer service agents absorbing your organization's culture and/or representative from your organization.
     Secondly, through our ongoing quality control procedures, which incorporate:

   Mentor system - all new Agents are trained intensively for a number of weeks before any live calls are initiated.
   Simulation of live calls (Mock Calls) - Re-enactment of a live situation between the supervisor and the agent is essential to reaching optimal levels of customer service.
   Call listening (Live Experience of older employees)- Agents will spend a substantial amount of time listening to live calls managed by their supervisor.
   Live calls - Initially as an agent begins to take live calls the supervisor will monitor same, ensuring optimum standards are met,
     Vision's training focus is always on providing agents with practiced tips that can be applied immediately to any given situation with a view to then identifying possible solutions, which can be sustained in the future and will have a positive effect on your organization.

     Our training ethos is based on the premise that supervisors and trainers will develop customer service agents who are highly motivated, providing their own customer service solutions.