Customer Satisfaction Measurement

     The customer satisfaction monitoring team conducts market research and phone, web and mail surveys to isolate customer satisfaction trends and pinpoint areas of improvement.

     We'll help you stay in touch with customers on a regular basis to help you gain the information you need to retain your customers, get more referrals and improve your marketing results. You'll know if you are maintaining your quality standards and providing customers the value they expect.
     Here are some of questions that could be answered with our services:

      Is my customer doing business with the competition?
      What do our customers say about us?
      Are there customer service issues?
      How are we perceived in our market?
      What are our customer's "hot buttons"?
     Are we doing things right?
     What do our customers want and what don't they want?
     Do we have different customer segments?
     What are some of the issues that our customers haven't told us?

     We'll make sure that you reap the benefits of being more informed about your customers needs so you can build stronger relationships.