Lead Generation & Appointment Setting

     Lead generation is one of the primary service offerings. We work closely with you to understand your companies' products, services, positioning, strategies, and objectives in order to professionally represent you. We create highly qualified prospects based on a criterion that is important to your sales force and business objectives.

     Many products and services are most effectively sold in a one-on-one sales call.

     To generate leads, Vision contacts a list of individuals to see if they fit the prospect profile of the client. If the prospect matches the profile, the information is recorded in a file that is later transmitted to the client.

     Vision supports sales efforts by generating quality leads that are seamlessly transferred, we set appointments for in-person sales calls.

     We'll set, confirm and reschedule qualified appointments for your sales team. Outsourcing this function helps your sales people's talents be more fully utilized. In enterprise sales, most sales people don't have time to cold call. Enterprise sales people need to spend more developing solutions and less time prospecting. We can add consistency to your lead generation efforts and begin building early stage relationships.

     We also do business-to-business lead generation - for example, generating and qualifying leads for multinational technology companies.

     This option is designed to track leads generated from advertising, direct mail, trade shows, web site or inbound calling. We work with you to reduce response time from receiving the lead to contacting the prospect. We will contact prospects for you to guarantee that the appropriate follow up has taken place. We will qualify all parties based on criteria that are important to your business.
     By pre-qualifying the leads before turning them over to your sales team you can:

      Make sure none of the real business opportunities are overlooked
      Identify the decision makers (if not the respondent)
      Determine their level of need
      Determine how likely they are to buy, and when
      Begin to develop a warm business relationship