Database Services

      We can capture and organize marketing data regardless of the source and format. Our database applications and give you the tools for better analysis and improved results. We can store your marketing data to help you leverage information for future marketing programs. We'll take your input and our experience to create targeted prospect lists that will improve your returns dramatically.

     Sources includes:

      Purchased lists
      Seminar attendees
      Direct mail respondents
     1-600 number call ins
      Trade shows
      Direct mail
     Web site inquiry

     Through strategic teleservices, Vision creates, maintains, improves and maximizes the effectiveness of a company's database. The programs can include data segmentation, data augmentation, reporting and analysis, on-going database maintenance, and sales and lead tracking.

     Vision has updated and enhanced databases for list houses, professional organizations, publishers, manufacturers, and business services.
     Save your company money and don't send a thing until we've updated your marketing database. We'll increase your response before you send your next mail piece or make your next phone call.
     With changes happening faster every day your database can get out of date quickly. Make sure that you're getting your postcards, newsletters and marketing pieces in to the right decision makers by ensuring you have the best information. We'll update and enhance your existing direct mail or prospect lists by getting correct contact information, updated addresses, name spellings, titles and e-mail addresses.

     You'll know if you've got the "right" people before you spend more money and resources
     Your campaign will be more focused with better information.
     You'll save money by eliminating wasted postage, printing, and people time.
     You'll get faster and cheaper ways to reach your audience with e-mail addresses and fax numbers