Healthcare Solutions

     Healthcare solutions focus solely on providing direct marketing and teleservice solutions support to health care, managed care, medical products and medical device companies.

     We manage the customer lifecycle, as we acquire, grow, retain and care for your customers. Vision is known for providing consistent, quality service that enhances the image of companies. Delivering key solutions, customer service and teleservices applications. Industry Focussed solutions which allow them to communicate how they want, whether by phone, e-mail, Web or fax.
     Customer Service Programs
     Benefit Programs
     Lead Generation Programs
     Surveys and Studies
     List Acquisition
     Customer Satisfaction Surveys/Studies
     Patient/Professional Hotlines
     Adverse Drug Event Handling/Reporting
     Customer Care and Call Center Consulting
     Open Enrollment
     Customer Acquisition, Retention and Loyalty Programs
     Disease Management/Wellness Programs
     Provider/Network Qualification
     Lead Generation and Account Management