Seminars and Exhibitions

     Calls from domestic and international businesses are answered by customer service representatives 24 hours, 7 days per week. Calls included sales and customer service inquiries

     Vision develops at its inhouse Customer Interaction Management center call dispositioning and tracking capabilities, help functions, up-sell and cross-sell scripting and interface with customers via their preferred access method.

     A number of strategic objectives get accomplished through the outsourcing partnership with Vision including:
     Lower cost and improved customer service
     Reporting results
     Rreduced mailing costs
     Duplicate record elimination
     Resolution of calls on the first attempt to reduce redundant customer service inquiries
     Improved customer satisfaction

           We manage the customer lifecycle, as we acquire, grow, retain and care for your customers. Vision is known for providing consistent, quality service that enhances the image of companies. Delivering key solutions, customer service and teleservices applications. Industry Focussed solutions which allow them to communicate how they want, whether by phone, e-mail, Web or fax.
     Customer Acquisition
     Customer Support and Loyalty Programs
     Enrollment Programs
     Telesales Campaigns
     Product and Literature Fulfillment
     List Acquisition, Management and Segmentation